Protecting Your Business With Barrier Posts

As a business owner, your store property is valuable to you. If someone crashes into your site, your business could be faced with thousands of dollars...

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Bollards 101: Everything You Need to Know About Barrier Posts

The specialists at TrafficGuard Direct can help you choose the appropriate bollard for your needs. If you own any kind of property or building, your s...

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Cost Savings You Can Enjoy By Installing Bollards

When people install bollards on their property, it’s typically to protect the property from unauthorized vehicles or from errant drivers who are drivi...

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Questions to Ask Before Purchasing Bollards

If you’re considering buying bollards online to add safety, security, and protection to your property or business, you’ll probably have some questions...

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Different Uses for Bollards

You’ve seen them everywhere, perhaps without even knowing it—those concrete or steel posts or figures that separate different spaces. Posts separating...

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Why Choose Locking Bollards?

If you want to add bollards to your arsenal of security measures, you’ve probably already learned that there are a variety of different types availabl...

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What Is a Bollard?

Bollards—they’re everywhere, even if you didn’t realize what they were. So, what are bollards, exactly? Bollards are the security barrier posts you se...

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Everything You Need to Know Bollards Sizes

As you have been searching for the perfect bollard, you’ve probably realized that you have many styles and sizes from which you can choose. You may ha...

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What is a Removable Bollard?

Having a good system of traffic barriers around your facility will help secure your property and protect pedestrians. Depending on the level of securi...

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What are Collapsible Barriers?

For strong physical protection of property, vehicles and pedestrians, many traffic control devices are available to install around public locations. O...

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What Exactly are Bollards for?

A public location that experiences traffic should consider a system of vehicle impact protection devices for security and safety. Leaving a location u...

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Where to Purchase Parking Bollards

Parking lots should deploy vehicle protection devices to not only prevent damage to vehicles, but also to keep pedestrians safe from injury and buildi...

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How Architects Can Implement Bollards in Their Planning

Considering a structure’s security system is an important step in architects’ design plans. Architects are required to make decisions in building desi...

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What are Removable Bollards Used for?

There are several different types of bollards, and each is manufactured for a number of applications. Fixed bollards provide permanent unwavering prot...

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How Security Bollards Protect Pedestrians at Storefronts

Storefronts often experience heavy pedestrian traffic during open hours, but their safety is top priority. Store front crashes are becoming more commo...

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Traffic Safety Devices that Help Cyclists

There are many devices that help protect cyclists from injury while riding, especially in urban locations. Bicycle transportation engineers have creat...

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Why Should You Use Fixed Bollards?

While the application of collapsible and removable bollards may be ideal for areas with frequently changing accessibility, fixed bollards are also nec...

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Steel, Security and Serious Stopping Power: An Infographic Introduction to Bollards and Barriers

If you aren't familiar with the various types of bollards and barriers on the market today, all of their differences can be confusing at first. Betwee...

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What Is the Minimum Height for a Bollard?

When it comes to bollards, size matters, and not just in terms of stopping power. Bollards and barriers should be tall enough to be effective and visi...

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When to Use a Guide Post Instead of a Bollard

Bollards offer durable, powerful protection against vehicle collisions and unwanted intrusions—that security isn't always the right fit, though. In so...

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