What Exactly are Bollards for?

A public location that experiences traffic should consider a system of vehicle impact protection devices for security and safety. Leaving a location unprotected can lead to lawsuits, expensive property damage, injuries and even the deaths of pedestrians. When you install safety bollards for protection, you keep people, property, pedestrians and vehicles safe from damage, and you provide pedestrians and drivers with ease of mind. If you want to make sure your physical security system is at its best, consider the many options available for secure traffic bollards.

Optimal Traffic Control

Whether in low- or high-speed traffic areas, removable, fixed and collapsible bollards effectively direct vehicles away from restricted areas and pedestrian walkways. Along with strong physical protection, their bright coloring serves as a visual deterrent wherever needed. Removable and collapsible options allow for the authorization of certain people in areas with varying levels of security. Emergency vehicles can also gain access to areas quickly, with the lock’s owner nearby to unlock the bollard and take it down. Some models even allow any emergency personnel with bolt cutters to cut the post’s locking bolt to gain entry. However, when locked in place these posts completely protect a location from vehicle collisions.

Protecting Pedestrians

Vehicle impact protection devices aren’t only good for directing traffic, they can also potentially be lifesavers. Storefronts and many other public locations often see heavy pedestrian activity on a daily basis, and depending on the vehicle traffic in the area, they may be more vulnerable to injuries caused by accidents. Fixed posts stand in place to properly protect against all vehicle damage. They are either embedded in concrete or surface mounted to it using bolts. Embedded bollards are more ideal for high-speed traffic areas while surface mounted posts are ideal for low-speed traffic. Whether they’re for protecting people or property, combinations of vehicle impact protection devices will provide security and comfort for nearly any public area. The variety of bollard options continues to make them one of the most important and versatile aspects of property security systems.   TrafficGaurd-BlogCTA-BuyersGuide
Bollard Applications
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