Cost Savings You Can Enjoy By Installing Bollards

Ram Raiding Bollards When people install bollards on their property, it’s typically to protect the property from unauthorized vehicles or from errant drivers who are driving where their cars shouldn’t be—for instance, if they accidentally hit the gas instead of the brakes and wind up on the grassy area surrounding a building. Bollards are an effective method of adding another level of security where you need it, and are available in many options that will suit your exact needs. Best of all, there are cost savings to be had—thanks to the damage protection they offer, and their durability, you’ll potentially be less likely to need repairs to your building, and since they don’t rust or corrode, you won’t have to worry about needing to repair or replace them. If you’re considering purchasing bollards, learning more about the potential cost savings of installing bollards may be what makes up your mind.

Rust-Free, Durable Protection

Bollards from TrafficGuard Direct are made from stainless steel and are powder coated for maximum durability. All of the surfaces are primed with rust and corrosion resistant, zinc-rich primer, and tested for durability with 5,000-hour salt spray performance levels. If you purchase bollards that are powder-coated yellow, you’ll benefit from their high level of visibility, which can help protect your property from being damaged by an erratic vehicle. These bollards also feature 3M reflective labels for additional safety as they add more visibility, particularly at night.  Because they’re so durable and lasting, you won’t have to worry about replacing them anytime soon.

Cost Savings from Damage Prevention

The main reason people choose to install bollards is to protect property from being damaged. Though purchasing bollards is an investment upfront, the cost savings you may see upon installing them are what you would have had to spend if bollards did not stop any vehicles from damaging your property. Bollards can help prevent things like ram raiding, which is when a vehicle purposefully crashes into a building’s garage or bay doors, with the intent of causing damage and breaking in to steal equipment or products. Recovering from vandalism and criminal activity such as this can be very costly, so much so that if the damage is extreme enough, it could cause significant downtime in your business. Bollards are a great way to add safety to your property and in turn, save costs associated with repairing damage from vandalism or criminal activity.

A Variety of Options

There are a variety of different bollards offered from TrafficGuard – whether you need permanent or temporary options, you’ll have the choice between a handful of different styles and sizes.  If your space is one that you may need to allow access to at some point—but not most of the time—you may want to consider removable locking bollards, which provide security and have built-in theft prevention. Likewise, if your security needs are more permanent, fixed bollards, either embedded or surface-mounted, are suitable for these types of situations. Whatever your needs are for security, bollards are a cost-saving method of attaining additional safety around your property.   TrafficGaurd-BlogCTA-Quote
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