10 MPH Fixed Embedded Bollard – Carbon / Powder Coated [RFP5560R S10]

10 MPH Fixed Embedded Bollard – Carbon / Powder Coated [RFP5560R S10]

Diameter 5.563"
Bollard Height 36"
Finish Carbon / Powder Coated
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Tested to the ASTM F3016 standard for vehicle barriers at low speed, 10 MPH carbon steel bollards offer a good solution for low speed vehicle incursions.  Low speed bollard solutions offer viable protection to property and patrons in a wide range of applications.  Storefronts adjacent to parking are at particular risk of an accidental vehicle incursion caused by driver error.  These types of incidents are becoming more and more common, in large part due to the increase in distracted driving.  Other common factors are health incidents, drunk driving, driver confusion and intentional acts of reckless driving.

The efficacy of a 10 MPH fixed bollard solution may require the expertise of a traffic engineer to determine traffic patterns and likely vehicle speeds in a given area.   After an analysis it may be determined that a different solution is required, be it a 20 MPH, 30 MPH or a different vehicle barrier system altogether.

Another consideration regarding a tested 10 MPH fixed barrier pipe bollard is the material being used. Generally, all bollards will require some maintenance over time to ensure that they are a viable solution to stop a vehicle.  Some parking lot posts barriers, by the nature of the application, will be placed in an environment where they will require more frequent maintenance. Applications in regions where harsh winter weather is common may be bombarded with salt and other chemicals that can accelerate the deterioration of a bollard and weaken it over time.  The conditions are more pronounced in heavy traffic areas such as gas stations.  In these instances, another material such as stainless steel, or galvanized pipe may be considered.

After it has been determined that a 10 MPH fixed barrier pipe bollard solution is optimal for a particular application, the layout, placement and spacing of the fixed posts need to be established. Bollard spacing is a critical component of an installation that is often over-looked. If spaced too far apart, the likelihood of a parking lot bollard stopping a vehicle becomes less likely. If spaced too close together these parking lot bollards for sale can become an impediment to handicapped and general pedestrian access. Typical spacing of parking lot bollards in a standard application is 48” bollard edge to bollard edge.

  • Height : 36″
  • Diameter : 5.563″
  • Finish : Carbon / Powder Coated
  • Cap : Flat (shown) or round