Questions to Ask Before Purchasing Bollards

Bollards and Traffic Posts from TrafficGuard Direct If you’re considering buying bollards online to add safety, security, and protection to your property or business, you’ll probably have some questions to ask the vendors you’re considering before you commit to a certain style. To ensure you make the best purchasing choice, remember to ask these questions to narrow down your decision.

Will They Rust?

Making the investment of purchasing and installing bollards can feel like a big undertaking for a lot of people, so it’s important to know just how durable the products you’re considering are.  Purchasing from TrafficGuard Direct, you’ll have the choice of a variety of different stainless steel bollards, all of which are primed with rust and corrosion-resistant, zinc-rich primer. They have also been tested for 5,000-hour salt spray performance, so you know you’re getting a highly-durable, damage-resistant bollard when you purchase here. Bollards are powder-coated to resist paint chips, and 3M reflective labels add additional safety through visibility.

Are They Removable?

If your security needs are such that you may not need bollards in place at all times, forever, you should consider removable bollards. Ask your chosen vendor what their options are—they should have both locking and non-locking options. Non-locking options are good for situations where unauthorized removal is not a pressing concern or where you don’t want to have to deal with the hassle of creating multiple sets of keys to allow authorized removal. For bollards that are removable, yet a little more difficult to move any old time, locking options are perfect. Non-locking options feature twist-in or drop-in configurations, and are typically used inside facilities to protect against vehicle and forklift traffic rather than preventing ram raiding or theft. Locking options allow you to choose your preferred padlock system, and are better for outdoor settings where the bollards are visible to the public.

Are There Different Options for Permanent Bollards?

If you’re looking for permanent options, fixed bollards are what you’ll need to ask about. You’ll usually have the option between surface-mounted bollards and embedded ones. Surface mounted fixed bollards will be bolted into a pre-existing concrete slab, while embedded posts are lowered into a sleeve that holds them into the ground permanently. Permanent bollards are considered to be the strongest choice for protecting places like the edges of parking lots.

Will People Be Able to See Them?

Visibility is one of the key factors into whether a bollard will be effective—if people don’t see the bollards, they can’t really do a great job. That’s why it’s important to find out if the ones you’re choosing will be visible. Many companies powder coat their bollards in a “safety yellow” color, and there is usually the option to add a reflective decal or sticker, which adds another level of visibility, particularly at night.

What Sizes Are There?

Bollards are generally offered in a range of different heights and diameters, so depending on where you want to install them, one may be a better choice than another. Taller bollards are likely to be a better choice for applications where the primary traffic is larger trucks. For bollards protecting parking lots, shorter bollards will probably suffice. Talk to the vendor to determine which height and diameter might be best for your needs. Choosing bollards doesn’t have to be a difficult process. When you know the answers to these core questions, you’ll have an easier time making a decision.   TrafficGaurd-BlogCTA-BuyersGuide
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