Protecting Your Business With Barrier Posts

Use barrier posts to protect your business. As a business owner, your store property is valuable to you. If someone crashes into your site, your business could be faced with thousands of dollars in damages. Because people will be near your company’s property, they would also be at risk. To keep your property safe, consider installing bollards near your storefront and around your business’ site perimeter.

Preventing Ram Raiding Activity

Theft is one of the biggest threats any business can face. When a business has high-value items inside their store, vandals may attempt to ram raid the front of the building in order to gain access and steal what’s inside. With barrier posts outside your storefront, anyone who attempts to crash into your business will be obstructed.

Thwarting Accidental Crashes

Accidents happen. Sometimes people are driving inattentively, or they may lose control of the vehicle at no fault of their own. If a crash does occur outside your storefront, you will want to be prepared. Storefront protection bollards can help minimize the damage caused by vehicle accidents.

Parking Lot Protection

Your parking lot is an essential component of your business. Depending on your type of company, it may also be an area where customers need to pick up or drop off an item. Because this is such a busy area, you will need to install some kind of security posts to establish parking spots and an overall sense of structure for the lot. Bollards can create a safe traffic flow and provide parking lot protection to prevent against any reckless driving or accidental crashes.

Types of Barrier Posts to Use

As you search for the right post bollards to protect your business site, you have multiple options from which you can choose. Fixed bollards are most commonly used for long-term protection in areas in which business owners want to create permanent restrictions. Removable or collapsible bollards provide the same level of crash resistance as fixed bollards, yet they can allow access when needed. When you do not want to use your removable bollard, you will simply need to unlock the barrier device and take it out of its post, and it will create a flush surface safe for drivers to pass over. Collapsible bollards work similarly. During times when you do not need building protection, you will fold it down to create access for vehicles or foot traffic. Whichever barrier post style you choose, search for a bollard that is constructed from stainless steel, as these will be able to withstand the most intense impacts.   TrafficGaurd-BlogCTA-Quote
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