Why Combine Bollard and Gate Systems?

Installing a new gate vastly improves security systems for facility entrances and exits, but it shouldn’t stand alone. Utilizing a solid security boll...

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Common Security Mistakes People Make

Unprotected areas of facilities can sometimes render an entire security system obsolete. Having your office building or other facility equipped to han...

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Recent Technological Advances in Physical Security

One area of security that has experienced a large amount of technological advances has been in physical security systems. Many developments have made ...

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Can You Have Too Many Bollards?

Security and accessibility should be balanced in bollard security measures. If security bollards allow for too much accessibility, security risks can ...

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How Do OSHA Regulations Affect Bollards?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) was founded in 1970 with the intention of improving safety measures against illness and injur...

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How Traffic Bollards Have Improved

The need for safety bollards is widely recognized all over the world, keeping pedestrians and property safe from injury and damage. In spite of their ...

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When to Install Permanent or Temporary Traffic Barriers

There are several different types of traffic posts available for property security, including collapsible, removable and fixed models. Each is designe...

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Balancing Security with Accessibility Using Traffic Safety Posts

Traffic safety posts are intended to provide sufficient security for many different types of locations, but they also need to allow access for authori...

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The Importance of Anti-Ram Traffic Control Barriers

As ram raiding and accidental ramming incidents continue to occur, resulting in devastating damage to property and injury or even death to pedestrians...

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The Need for Traffic Control Barriers

One of the main methods of asset protection is the traffic control barrier, also called a traffic post or bollard. Most people don't pay any attention...

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How Bollards and Pathways Ensure Pedestrian Safety in Cities

While you may not have actively given the idea thought, streamlined city safety features increase the relative enjoyment of walking around town. Extre...

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The Advantage of Cemetery Bollards

Many people may not think about cemeteries as unsafe, especially concerning pedestrian traffic. The entrances and exits of cemeteries generate heavy t...

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Safe Shopping: Shopping Center Bollard Advantages

Spring is coming, and with the thaw from this particularly nasty winter, stores and retail outlets across the country are pulling themselves from the ...

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How Snow and Marine Bollards Function

Bollards have been marking off dangerous traveling areas since before automobiles and trucks were invented. They were originally used as hitching post...

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Protection We Never Notice: Bollards in Public Areas

Why are those posts secured in concrete everywhere like marinas, public parks, campgrounds and state beaches? Those posts are called bollards and thei...

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How Bollards Keep Children Safe

Traffic safety posts, known as bollards can range from a temporary flexible barrier to the heavy-duty type of reinforcement for both rural areas and h...

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Bollards Use for Pedestrian Bridges, Shopping Centers & College Campuses

Areas where young people gather—college campuses, local parks, malls and other popular socialization places—are often crowded, often a little deserted...

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Removable Bollards: The Versatile Solution That Meets Your Needs

It has long been understood that bollards (also commonly referred to as traffic posts) are some of the best ways to add additional security and protec...

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Prevent Gas Pump Damage and Protect Customers with Bollards

A highly flammable liquid producing ignitable, dense vapors three times heavier than air, gasoline is even more dangerous than explosives because of i...

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Does Your School Need Rising Bollards?

Rising bollards are not meant to protect an area from people. They are meant to help protect an area from vehicular traffic and direct pedestrian walk...

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