ASTM to Release Low Speed Vehicle Barriers Standard

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7 Uses for Security Bollards in Schools and Universities

Elementary, middle and high schools, as well as universities, have many high-traffic areas that require exceptional protection systems to ensure the s...

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6 Bollard Applications for Government Buildings & Properties

Government buildings and sites, such as courthouses, libraries, toll booths and more, require high levels of protection, and barrier posts like bollar...

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Choose the Best Bollard: Fixed, Removable or Collapsible

At TrafficGuard, we commonly have clients ask us which bollard model will be best for protecting their properties: fixed, removable or collapsible. Wh...

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5 Commercial Uses for Bollards

At TrafficGuard, we’re proud to produce commercial bollards that can be utilized in a variety of industry applications, such as to protect government ...

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How to Use Bollards in Residential Areas

Here at TrafficGuard, we most commonly see clients implement security posts to protect commercial areas, government buildings and more. However, we al...

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5 Instances When Collapsible Bollards are Ideal

At TrafficGuard, we commonly have clients ask us what type of bollard—permanent, removable or collapsible—is most suitable for their property type and...

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The Different Kinds of Bollards

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How Bollards Provide Storefront Protection

When you are out and about shopping in town, you may not pay attention to the heavy concrete cylinders that serve as a barrier between the road and th...

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When To Use A Traffic Control Bollard Outside Your Home

You’ve seen bollards outside public places, on roads and in front of businesses, but what about traffic-controlling bollards outside your home? If you...

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Bollards and Barriers Off the Beaten Path

Thought bollards were just for stopping cars in high-traffic places? Think again. Bollards can be used for just more than the obvious reasons. Here ar...

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What to Consider When Purchasing a Bollard

Throughout your lifetime, you’ve probably seen many type of bollards. No matter their appearance, bollards are easily identifiable, but which ones are...

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Reasons to Invest in Bollards

If you’ve ever wondered if buying bollards could be right for you, the following reasons could help you make your decision. Read on to find out what a...

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Common Uses of Bollards

If you’ve ever seen a bollard, you may be wondering how often they are used and if they can be used to protect your land or any other areas that need ...

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Unique Uses for Bollards

At TrafficGuard, we often see people use bollards to protect their buildings or roads from unauthorized traffic, but these barrier posts can have dual...

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How To Control Traffic With Bollards

Bollards are designed to prevent vehicular access that can result in crashes. More than anything, though, bollards manage traffic patterns to prevent ...

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How to Protect Your Site

Your entire property is valuable, but oftentimes, certain areas, like water meters and electric boxes need increased protections. You may even need to...

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Questions to Ask Before Purchasing a Bollard

Searching for the perfect bollard can be challenging. You may have an idea of what type of protection you need, or you may need assistance in choosing...

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Why Removable and Collapsible Bollards are Ideal for Security

Many people think fixed bollards are their only option for enhanced security of their businesses, sidewalks, homes or other locations. Sometimes, thou...

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How to Use Bollards for Safety

Many people use bollards to indicate traffic lanes or parking spaces. Still, these security posts are most commonly utilized as a safety measure to pr...

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