What are Removable Bollards Used for?

There are several different types of bollards, and each is manufactured for a number of applications. Fixed bollards provide permanent unwavering protection, collapsible bollards allow for easy access control when raised and lowered, and removable bollards are ideal for locations where vehicle impact protection is only needed temporarily. There are many uses for removable bollards.

Convenient Security

Removable security posts are different from other types of bollards because they aren’t intended for permanent access control. Even collapsible bollards are permanently secured in place, allowing access control only through the action of raising and lowering. Removable bollards, on the other hand, are entirely detachable, leaving only a covered ground sleeve behind that’s hardly noticeable. When setting up removable bollards, the bollard sits securely in the ground sleeve, preventing vehicles from causing harm to both people and property. As soon as the bollard isn’t needed anymore, the owner simply unlocks and removes it from the sleeve, covering the gap in the ground. Storage racks are available to hold the posts nearby when they’re not in use.

Useful in Many Locations

Removable bollards provide security for areas where it’s needed on a temporary basis, such as parking lots that are either full or closed, or streetscapes where heavy pedestrian traffic gathers for specific occasions. Storage racks are conveniently sized and located to keep bollards out of view when taken down, and when they posts are set up they don’t detract from the surrounding environment. Removable posts also often come with different locking mechanisms, depending on the security level. When configuring your building’s security measures, consider a strategic combination of fixed, collapsible and removable bollards to truly optimize the security system. Different types of bollards properly protect different areas, and removable posts serve a purpose for many property protection systems.   TrafficGaurd-BlogCTA-BuyersGuide
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