Restaurant Bollards

Helix Lock Model HL2003L - Chick-Fil-A, Carrollton, GA Helix Lock Model HL2003L - Chick-Fil-A, Carrollton, GA Helix Lock Model HL2003L - Chick-Fil-A, Carrollton, GA Helix Lock Model HL2003L - Chick-Fil-A, Carrollton, GA

Keeping patrons safe and properties protected from vehicle damage around restaurants can prevent many problems. One of the best ways to protect both people and property is to install a system of restaurant barrier posts throughout the location. Fixed, removable and collapsible traffic posts can provide sufficient protection from unauthorized entry and harm to pedestrians walking around the premises. These traffic barrier devices are also designed to avoid detracting from the visual appeal of restaurants’ architectural designs and environment.

High-Quality Security Measures

Every traffic barrier post installed on restaurant property helps increase your level of security. Our permanent fixed, removable and collapsible restaurant barrier posts allow for many custom configurations to maximize security on nearly any type of restaurant property, including both parking lots and restaurant perimeters.

You can easily lock our collapsible and removable traffic bollards in place, which helps enhance protection while improving adaptability at the same time. TrafficGuard, Inc is in full compliance with the Buy American Act (41 U.S.C. 8302-8305) to help ensure that you get high-quality steel with every post.

Fast and Easy Lock-Up

Following installation, users can easily lock traffic posts in place to secure the premises at night. Removable bollards easily drop, twist and lock in place, while collapsible bollards simply raise and lower. TrafficGuard, Inc also carries high shear security locking pins to help give your collapsible restaurant barrier posts better stopping power.

Visually Unobtrusive Design

Each of our restaurant barrier posts is designed to balance unobtrusiveness with visibility, which helps make sure that drivers are aware of bollards’ presence while also keeping them from distracting restaurant patrons and other nearby pedestrians. Our traffic bollards come standard in a yellow finish with 3M reflective tape, which offers nighttime visibility to deter drivers. Fixed bollards stay in place permanently, but users can remove or lower removable and collapsible bollards in certain locations to eliminate daytime distractions.