Public Works Bollards

Milwaukee, Department of Public Works, Round Post Key Lock (RP3504), Milwaukee, WI

Public works facilities like municipal buildings, public spaces, warehouses, storage facilities and more can all benefit from the use of security bollards. For example, expensive vehicles are frequently parked on these premises, representing a potential hazard or theft risk. Collapsible and removable bollards can be installed, then, to permit authorized vehicle entry while deterring and blocking all unwanted traffic. Public works bollards and barriers are fabricated to provide high strength solutions to potential holes that may exist in any public works security system.

Protection from Vehicle Damage

Unauthorized vehicles can cause catastrophic damage to your public works facility, and it’s up to you to keep them out. Fixed bollards can provide permanent security options for building perimeters, effectively deterring unauthorized vehicles from attempting to enter and stopping those that do. Removable security posts can be rearranged for varying security configurations, and can be stored either onsite or offsite for easy access. These types of public works bollards and barriers prevent unauthorized vehicles from accessing the property, as well as preventing public works vehicles from leaving without authorization.

Full Accessibility

Locking bollards can be quickly and easily broken down to allow authorized vehicles through. After installation, simple yet effective locking systems allow for quick stand-up, and when lowering collapsible bollards or storing removable posts, unlocking mechanisms are equally efficient. Storage racks available for removable bollards allows them to be maneuvered without struggle and stored near the installation site, preventing long-distance carrying and saving time. Collapsible outside bollards can be customized with a personalized padlock, granting access to restricted areas for property managers and other authorized employees.

Solid Security Options

Multiple configurations for removable outside bollards can be set up for maximum versatility and varying levels of security, while collapsible posts create permanent access points. Securing your public works property protects the public’s interests, ensuring that the property itself—as well as everyone and everything in it—is safe.

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