10 MPH Removable Bollard – Carbon / Powder Coated [HL2005 S10]

U.S. Patent 8,297,873

10 MPH Removable Bollard – Carbon / Powder Coated [HL2005 S10]

Diameter 5.563" and lighter 4" diameter
Bollard Height 36"
Finish Carbon / Powder Coated
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Impact rated removable 10 MPH traffic bollards are an ideal solution to a wide range of vehicle incursion issues. A rated bollard gives the end user confidence that a bollard will provide protection from a vehicle of a certain weight at a certain speed.  ASTM F3016 lays out a test method that indicates a protective devices ability to stop a 5,000 lb. vehicle at 10, 20 or 30 MPH.   This standard is not appropriate for all applications, as there are other standards that apply to heavier vehicles at higher rates of speed.

The Bollard Warehouse HL2005 is a 10 MPH removable bollard solution.  There are two significant reasons to select a removable bollard unit in any given application.  First is access. Any area that needs protection, but from time to time will need to allow vehicle access is an ideal location for our removable carbon/powder coated posts. One example is a store entrance that, from time to time, needs to allow a maintenance vehicle through that access point, but during business hours needs to protect customers from an inadvertent vehicle incursion.  The second reason is the long term integrity of the bollard.  Over a long period of time, especially if not properly maintained, a bollard will likely need to be replaced to offer the intended protection.  Removable 10 MPH traffic bollards offer the end user the ability to simply replace the bollard post itself, leaving in place the ground sleeve and footing, which account for the bulk of a bollard projects costs.

10 MPH manually operated carbon/powder coated posts are an ideal solution in providing protection if they are application appropriate. At approximately 50 lbs., they are relatively manageable to move in and out of position.  In additional to being an effective protective solution, the HL2005 utilizes a patented locking system that both keeps the bollard secure when in place and at the same time maintains a clean look.  It is a great combination of aesthetics and functionality that make it an excellent solution in a wide range of applications.

  • Height : 36″
  • Diameter : 5.563″ and lighter 4″ diameter
  • Finish : Carbon / Powder Coated