Removable Bollard Storage Racks & Accessories

TrafficGuard®, Inc. offers the bollard accessories you need to make the most of your security solutions. Our removable bollards are compatible with the appropriately-sized surface-mounted storage racks, which come in a hot-dipped, galvanized finish for superior corrosion resistance. 2, 4 and 6-unit capacities are available, allowing you to store a large number of bollards near your installation site. Bollard storage racks are particularly critical in applications where bollards will be removed for extended periods of time, prohibiting the bollards from being lost, stolen or damaged. The racks can be easily surface mounted to a slab nearby the site, or in a storage or warehouse facility. Removable bollards in a streetscape application are particularly ideal for storage racks as bollards are typically only used during farmers markets, street festivals and the like.

Helix Locking (U.S. Patent 8,297,873) filler pieces are ideal in all TrafficGuard® non-lidded ground sleeves. They can be locked into the sleeve to both prevent them from being stolen and to provide a flush, stable walking area. They are also traffic rated and as a result, ideal for streetscape applications where they will endure steady vehicular traffic.

The Round Post Lock series features a replaceable lid in the event that the product is damaged and the lid is no longer functional. This enables the end user to easily replace the damaged part without the cost of removing the entire ground sleeve from the concrete and continuing to provide a flush walking and driving surface.

Utilizing our removable bollard accessories, you can experience the benefits of:

  • Hot-dipped galvanized finishes for strength and longevity
  • Storage racks in various sizes fitted to your bollards
  • Replacement parts


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Helix Locking Filler Piece

This helix security filler piece is a lock in place version of our ground sleeve filler piece so that the filler cannot be removed by an unauthorized user or stolen.

Removable Bollard Storage Rack

Each rack will be appropriately sized to accommodate your removable bollard selection. Available in units of 2, 4, or 6 for each model. Hot dipped, galvanized finish.

Replacement Lids

Replacement lids are available for all 3 sizes of the Round Post Lock Series. We have created a simple way to replace your lid in the event that it is damaged or destroyed from a vehicle impact.