30 MPH Helix Lock Removable Bollards [HL2008H S30]

U.S. Patent 8,297,873

30 MPH Helix Lock Removable Bollards [HL2008H S30]

Diameter 8.625"
Bollard Height 36"
Finish Standard
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In some cases where pedestrians must be protected and vehicle speeds reach up to 30 MPH, a more significant impact device may be use.  In many instances, higher impact rated bollards are necessary due to the location of a specific structure near a roadway, poor parking lot design and other factors.  Of particular concern are structures that have already had more than one vehicle incursion as ignoring the issue can quickly become a litigation threat.

30 MPH impact tested bollards provide both a large visual deterrent as well as reliable protection where pedestrians are present. It is important to do the leg work with a traffic engineer if you are considering this type of removable parking bollard. While it is imperative you appropriately protect pedestrians where needed, there are some downsides to these types of retractable pedestrian barriers. First, in the case where the bollard is removable, it will be a very heavy unit that is not easily moved with just one person.  Second, in the case of both fixed and removable, the footing requirements for a bollard to arrest a 30 MPH vehicle impact are significant.   To retrofit an existing site will be invasive and costly. It’s best that these 30 MPH pedestrian bollards be installed during new construction.

Bollard Warehouse’s 30 MPH rated solutions have been tested in both shallow and trench footings, both of which require significant excavation, concrete and rebar.  It’s critical that the customer chosen installer is capable of handling the installation and further, that they do it correctly and don’t cut corners in the process.  Doing so could cause a catastrophic failure of the foundation.   The installer needs to be informed up front that the footing will need to be done to spec to ensure that it will meet ASTM F3016 standards.  The end user should request a number of things from the installer.  First, steel certifications from the rebar manufacturer.  Second, concrete specifications from the ready mix supplier.  Lastly, photos from each step of the construction.  Those photos include; site excavations photos verifying dimensions, rebar layout photos before concrete is poured and photos of the actual pour itself.

ASTM F3016 crash tested bollard posts for impact resistance up to 30 miles per hour.

  • Height : 36″
  • Diameter : 8.625″
  • Finish : Standard
  • Cap : Flat (shown) or round