How Architects Can Implement Bollards in Their Planning

Considering a structure’s security system is an important step in architects’ design plans. Architects are required to make decisions in building designs that allow for proper security measures, and anti-ram bollards should be one aspect to include. While planning parking lots, warehouses or other structures, architects may want to determine the right combinations of removable, fixed and collapsible bollards to install, which TrafficGuard supplies for many applications. There are several reasons why architects could consider bollard combinations in their designs.

Figuring Out the Overall Cost

If anti-ram bollards are included in building designs, the total cost of this security system is calculable before everything is constructed. This saves the property owner from having to figure out the best configuration of bollards alone, making their job easier. If surface mounted bollards are included in the plans, this can reduce contractor coordination, preventing contractors from having to install the bollards while laying the cement. However, embedded bollards are ideal posts for locations that require higher levels of security. Because of the installation planning required for certain bollards, architects should try to determine whether fixed bollards should be surface mounted or embedded based on the project requirements. The final cost also accounts for the requirements of removable and collapsible vehicle barriers. Collapsible posts work best in areas with frequent alterations in accessibility, while removable bollards are ideal for locations where they will only be necessary for shorter periods of time. Architects can determine if collapsible or removable bollards should be installed in access control areas.

Gaining Lifetime Value

One of the biggest reasons for architects to consider the setup of bollard combinations is because it will increase their lifetime value to their customers. Having the types of bollards determined – as well as the brand – will help ease the construction process, which will make things more efficient overall for the customer. An architect with full plans will prove their worth and better their professional relationships with clients. Building planners can turn to TrafficGuard for the many types of anti-ram traffic control barriers available, providing options for a multitude of security applications to protect property and people. TrafficGaurd-BlogCTA-Quote
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