What is a Removable Bollard?

Having a good system of traffic barriers around your facility will help secure your property and protect pedestrians. Depending on the level of security needed, different kinds of posts are available to install around parking lots, walkways, storefronts and many other locations requiring traffic control. Removable bollards are useful for areas where authorized vehicles and pedestrians will frequently require access, with conveniently located storage racks available to hold them. There are many reasons to use removable bollards to protect both property and people.

A Versatile Option

Unlike fixed or collapsible traffic barriers, authorized individuals can unfasten and entirely remove these posts from their fixtures. Removable bollards usually sit in ground sleeves that securely hold the posts in place, with either a locking or non-locking mechanism (like these twist in removable street bollards) used to keep it in the ground. If vehicles require temporary entry into an area, authorized persons simply unlock posts and place them in a storage rack nearby. Sleeve covers visually conceal the fixtures and ensure maximum clearance for any vehicles that pass through.

Great for Many Locations

Removable bollards work well for many areas with more lenient security, such as parking lots. Certain parking spaces or access points can employ these posts to ward off traffic at certain times of the day, and a single storage rack can contain multiple posts for additional convenience. Removable bollards are also suitable for pedestrian or bike paths at parks, preventing vehicle entry at designated times and blocking them off entirely once the park is closed. Cyclists can easily travel over the covered ground sleeves when the bollards are removed. Having removable posts installed will allow authorized personnel to quickly access an area with ease, and are useful in security configurations utilizing other types of traffic barriers as well.
Bollard Applications
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