Residential Areas

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Heavy duty security bollards provide lasting protection for residential parking areas, private drives and more. TrafficGuard’s fixed, removable and collapsible parking lot poles prevent damage to other vehicles, injury to pedestrians and unauthorized entry to private property. Other security posts can similarly be used to protect property like houses and apartment complexes, giving residents the security they want and need.

Parking Lot Protection

Collapsible parking lot posts can be used in individual parking spaces, allowing only authorized residents access to a space by using a personal padlock with the secure locking system. These parking poles can also be installed at the entrances and exits of parking lots, allowing owners to easily allow vehicles in and out and to prevent unauthorized parking. Our collapsible bollards fold flat enough to allow low vehicles to pass over while still providing strong physical protection while erect. For low-impact areas, removable parking lot bollards prevent unauthorized vehicles from taking a parking space while proving easily movable when unlocked.

Varying Levels of Property Security

TrafficGuard, Inc collapsible bollards are also well-suited for private residential areas like clubhouses and rental offices, restricting access to certain parking spaces and/or paths to a select few. Because you can lock these heavy duty security bollards using your own padlock, you have the ultimate control over who has access—and who does not. These parking poles prevent unauthorized vehicles from gaining access to restricted zones while easily lowering to allow those with permission through. While the bright yellow finish and 3M reflective tape on our residential area parking poles give them a distinct look that deters intruders, they remain relatively unobtrusive, allowing you to maintain your residential property’s aesthetic. For high-security applications, we offer heavy duty bollards that are designed to protect against high-speed crashes, giving you a satisfying sense of security in your property. *TrafficGuard, Inc complies with the Buy American Act (41 U.S.C 8302-8305)