Airport Bollards

TrafficGuard, Inc Round Post Twist In - Traffic control barriers Glacier Park International Airport TrafficGuard, Inc Round Post Twist In - Traffic control bollards Glacier Park International Airport TrafficGuard, Inc Round Post Twist In - Traffic control device Glacier Park International Airport

Home to both heavy automobile traffic and a significant number of restricted areas, the average airport needs the security of heavy duty bollards. Collapsible, fixed and removable airport bollards can all be utilized to block traffic from building entrances, permit only authorized vehicle entry, and prevent vehicles from driving into aircraft hangars and other restricted areas. A large amount of unauthorized traffic must be controlled at an airport, making a variety of traffic control bollards suitable for meeting your security needs.

Parking Area Protection

Fixed and removable airport bollards provide solid security for airport parking areas. Traffic can be controlled and directed in designated areas by using reflective bollards that provide visual deterrence, and because all TrafficGuard, Inc bollards have a highly corrosion-resistant finish, they can withstand even harsh weather conditions. If parking areas need to be expanded or reduced in size, removable bollards can be easily uninstalled and stored, while still providing significant protection when in place.

Restricted Access Security

Because of the high security that airports generally require, the use of bollards makes them safer for both travelers and staff. Collapsible or removable bollards can be used to block aircraft hangars from unwanted traffic, while warehouses and runways can also be given additional protection from outside vehicles. Brightly colored traffic control airport barriers not only provide collision protection, but also clearly outline areas where vehicles aren’t intended to pass through.

Convenience and Durability

Our permanent and removable bollards are simple but effective solutions to protecting your airport from unwanted traffic and unsafe driving. Our removable airport barriers are compatible with our galvanized, corrosion-resistant storage racks, allowing you to safely and securely store your bollards when they aren’t in use. As all of our TrafficGuard, Inc bollards are made from the same heavy duty steel and complies with the Buy American Act (41 U.S.C 8302-8305), so you can enjoy a high level of protection no matter what model suits your needs best.