What Is a Bollard?

Bollards are barrier posts used to foster security and safety for drivers and pedestriansBollards—they’re everywhere, even if you didn’t realize what they were. So, what are bollards, exactly? Bollards are the security barrier posts you see surrounding retail storefronts, shopping malls, bike lanes, fire hydrants and gas meters, parking lots and much more. They help maintain security for drivers and pedestrians, regulate traffic and even enhance the aesthetics of a property. Want to learn more about steel bollards and their applications? Follow our guide for everything you need to know about bollards.

Features of Bollards

The best security barrier posts are constructed from stainless steel for maximum strength and safeguarding. Bollards should also have a primer to prevent rust and corrosion. To create maximum visibility and promote safety, steel bollards are often coated in bold yellow paint and 3M reflective tape. For added safeguarding from outside tampering, bollards are available in models with both internal and external locking devices.

What Types of Bollards are Available?

Steel bollards are available in permanent, removable and collapsible bollards. Permanent bollards are installed directly into the ground for long-term security. Removable bollards fit into a lidded ground sleeve and, when not in use, can create a smooth, flush surface that is safe to drive and walk over. Collapsible bollards also allow safe clearance for vehicular access when not in use.

Bollards for: Security

Bollards are most commonly used for site security. As people are driving, they may lose control of their vehicles and ultimately crash into a building or property site. While some car crashes are accidental, others are done with malicious intentions. Ram raiders are those who intentionally crash into a storefront or other building containing valuable items with the intention of stealing. To prevent both accidents and ram raiding activity, many businesses install bollards around the perimeter of their buildings. That way, if someone does inadvertently or intentionally drive into a building, the high-strength steel bollard will thwart his or her attempts.

Bollards for: Traffic Control

In addition to providing site security, bollards are also valuable for traffic control. Every day, cars enter and exit parking lots, sometimes at excessive speeds. With such high levels of traffic, these areas can quickly become chaotic and even dangerous if no control measures are put in place. Site owners can install bollards throughout their parking lot to promote a safe flow of traffic. Steel security posts are also installed near popular areas where cars often frequent, including airports, malls, hospitals, schools, tollbooths and more. Parking bollards can designate restricted areas, such as emergency vehicle lanes or parking, as well. In addition to protecting drivers, bollards can promote a safe environment for pedestrians walking in high-traffic zones.

Bollards for: Architectural Design

While bollards are most commonly used to protect and regulate properties, streets and other areas that need, security posts can also add aesthetic value. Steel bollards used for architectural design or aesthetic advancement create a sleek appearance while still providing high impact resistance because of their stainless steel construction. To learn more about bollards, the styles available and their primary applications, get in touch with a representative at TrafficGuard.   TrafficGaurd-BlogCTA-BuyersGuide
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