Golf Course Bollards

TrafficGuard, Inc Hinged Round Post, 30 - Steel bollards Beth Page State Park, New York TrafficGuard, Inc Hinged Round Post, 30 - Traffic control device Beth Page State Park, New York

Golf courses require high security, not just for the sake of the players, but for the course itself. Unauthorized vehicular entry puts players and the terrain at serious risk, and in only a few minutes, an unauthorized vehicle can cause lasting, costly damage to a course. Unlike many other locations using traffic control barriers, the ground itself is at risk along with the people and buildings on the property. The various types of retractable safety bollards manufactured by TrafficGuard, Inc are ideal for your course’s unique needs.

The Most Durable Security Measures

By installing fixed bollards around the golf course’s perimeter, you protect not only the course itself, but the safety of golfers using it. Heavy duty traffic bollards prevent vehicles from driving onto walkways and the fairway, significantly reducing the threat of severe property damage and personal injury. Other fixed or removable bollards can be strategically placed along golf cart trails and parking areas, preventing stopped or vacant carts from drifting into inappropriate areas while unattended. We offer a variety of relatively light duty posts that are suitable for this type of protection while creating a minimal visual impact.

Create Controllable Access Points

Most golf courses benefit from limited access entry and exit points, allowing staff and emergency vehicles to access the fairway while preventing other vehicles from entering. Collapsible or removable outdoor bollards can be installed to allow authorized entry for certain areas, ensuring course access when needed and keeping unauthorized entrants out. Retractable safety barriers like these can be either removed or lowered and raised, locking in place so that you can access the course when need be.

Full Maneuverability

Permanent, collapsible and removable outdoor bollards from TrafficGuard, Inc protect your course all year round, no matter the weather. Our outdoor bollards are designed to resist inclement weather like snow, rain, freezing and mud, so you can be confident that nobody accesses your course unless you want them to.

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