When to Use a Guide Post Instead of a Bollard

Bollards offer durable, powerful protection against vehicle collisions and unwanted intrusions—that security isn't always the right fit, though. In some cases, the extreme stopping power of bollards and barriers may actually be too strong, making alternative visual deterrents like guide posts more appropriate.

The Benefits of Guide Posts

Generally, guide posts are designed to be lightweight and relatively malleable, making them a flexible alternative to steel bollards and barriers. This makes them appropriate for places where you do not need to provide heavy duty stopping power, but rather a mild deterrent. For example, you may place them at the ends of on-street parking spaces, so that drivers do not park outside the lines—they won't be able to park on top of them, but if they bump them while parking, they won't scratch the car's paint. These lightweight flexible bollards may also be appropriate for places that emergency vehicles may need to infrequently access, as they can be run over and/or destroyed by a high-speed vehicle.

The Benefits of Bollards and Barriers

Unlike guide posts, which can bend, flatten and break, industrial bollards provide the strength and stability you need to secure an area for the long term. With steel construction and heavy duty installation, permanent bollards and barriers are designed to bring even high-speed vehicles to a halt. This makes them ideal for locations that need lasting, unwavering protection, like storefronts, government properties, airports, trail entrances and more. For locations that need both the strength of industrial bollards and the flexibility of guide posts, collapsible bollards present the ideal combination of both. Collapsible bollards are made using the same heavy duty materials as other bollards and barriers, but with a locking mechanism that allows them to alternatively stand upright and fold flat. This allows pathways for emergency vehicles to open without damaging the bollards, giving you both freedom and security.   TrafficGaurd-BlogCTA-BuyersGuide
Bollard Applications
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