Ram Raiding Bollards

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Many facilities are vulnerable to ram raiding crimes when unprotected by high security bollards and posts. Ram raiding is when unauthorized vehicles crash into your warehouse doors, glass windows or facility entrances, allowing thieves and vandals to enter your property. Removable, fixed and collapsible bollards can be installed to allow access for employees and authorized parties while deterring and protecting against unauthorized vehicles. As the frequency of ram raiding crimes continues to rise, facilities need the comprehensive security of solid steel anti-ram bollards more than ever before.

Complete Access Control

Removable and collapsible ram raid bollards and posts can be placed at facility doors for both visual deterrence and strong physical security. If a vehicle with access drives up to the posts, then, a person with the right key can easily unlock and collapse or remove the bollards. When they are set up, security posts protect against high-speed vehicle crashes, which typically cause more damage to the vehicle than the highly durable anti-ram bollards. TrafficGuard, Inc anti-ram bollards are designed with weather-resistant locking systems that effectively avoid ice build-up and other environmental issues.

Secure Every Entrance

Fixed security anti-ram bollards can be installed strategically around other building entrances to prevent ram raiding of glass doors and windows. This helps prevent the damage that pedestrians, employees and your property itself might otherwise sustain in a ram-raiding incident. 3M reflective tape and a bright yellow finish provides a powerful visual warning to would-be ram-raiders, as well. With TrafficGuard, Inc barriers, you can be assured that your property is safer.

Lower Ram Raiding Risk

Between the visual deterrence and stopping power of removable, fixed and collapsible bollards from TrafficGuard, you can enjoy a newfound sense of security, whether or not you’re on your property’s premises. These security ram raid bollards and posts keep your property, your inventory, your employees and your customers safer from ram raiders

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