How to Remove Bollards

Removing embedded fixed bollards is easier said than done, but if you're apprehensive about the permanency of installing these barriers, there are...

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Common Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrians are the most vulnerable victims of car accidents—unlike drivers, they are entirely unprotected. While many removable, collapsible and fixe...

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5 Main Uses for Removable Bollards

Similar to collapsible bollards, removable posts allow for changes to an area’s accessibility while providing sufficient physical security. Whether th...

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Using Security Bollards Indoors

Though you may think of security bollards as strictly for protecting outdoor areas like parking lots, marinas and restricted roadways, they have a num...

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Are You Forgetting to Protect the Little Things with Your Security Bollards?

A lot of the places and things that you need to protect with security bollards are obvious choices, like storefronts, pedestrian walkways, restricted ...

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7 Low-Speed Zones that Need Traffic Bollard Protection

While areas with traditionally slow traffic speeds may not initially seem like prime candidates for traffic bollard protection, they can actually be s...

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When Do You Need Parking Bollards?

Parking bollards may be easy to overlook, but if you don't install them where you need them, it can be a costly mistake. By strategically installi...

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TrafficGuard Bollards Find Traction in the Middle East

In 2009, TrafficGuard saw its bollard supplies reach the Middle East and increase sales there. The U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq procured Trafficguard...

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Low Maintenance Bollards

Currently one of the most effective ways to secure facilities and protect property and people is with removable or collapsible bollards. Bollards that...

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Modified Removable Bollards Ideal as Parking Meter Posts

Removable bollards serve as an excellent, and often less expensive, alternative to a gate. Bollards also serve to protect facilities, property and peo...

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Bollards Ideal for Storefront Protection

Anti-ram posts are becoming increasingly important to protect store fronts and pedestrians from accidents occurring due to driver error. Fixed and rem...

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Proper Installation Critical to Bollards Longevity and Function

A couple of big concerns facilities managers have when making a significant investment in removable bollards or collapsible bollards is that the produ...

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Bollards Can Prevent Disaster

As this video shows, store entrances are often a weak point and very easy for a vehicle to intentionally or unintentionally penetrate.  Bollard safety...

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ASTM to release Standard for Low Speed Vehicle Barriers

ASTM sets standards for products around the world to improve product safety and quality.  Recently, they have developed a standard for testing Low Spe...

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Bollard Protection for Residential Areas

Residential areas require more protection for pedestrians and other vehicles than buildings, which is why it’s important to have a network of bollards...

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Using Bollards in Cemeteries

Cemeteries are considered sacred places by many and require constant protection from intruders, accidents and other risks. Along with surveillance sys...

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Why are Bollards Important for Schools?

Schools experience particularly heavy pedestrian activity, with many students and faculty members walking from one campus building to another on a reg...

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Traffic Bollards for Drive-thrus

Many locations are designed for vehicles to travel quickly in and out, providing convenience for drivers who need a service or product without leaving...

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What Can Bollards Do for Road Construction?

Outdoor road construction often presents many hazards for workers, putting them at risk of accidents when traffic isn’t blocked off from the work area...

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Control Large Crowds with a Variety of Bollards

People aren’t always composed when gathered together, and large gatherings may allow for accidents to take place. It’s important to know how to keep s...

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