Financial Institutions

TrafficGuard, Inc Embedded Fixed Post - Removable post NB&T, Sycamore, IL TrafficGuard, Inc Embedded Fixed Post - Removable post NB&T, Sycamore, IL

Traffic control barriers like fixed, collapsible and removable bollards provide financial institutions with much-needed, solid security. Installing secure posts like these can keep your location highly protected against unauthorized vehicle intrusion and damage, allowing you, your employees and your customers to feel safer. By significantly reducing the threat of intentional and accidental property damage, anti-ram raid bollards are an invaluable aspect of your security system, whether they are removable or permanent.

Protect Your Assets

Outfitting your property’s outer perimeter and parking lots with traffic control bollards keeps the building and everyone in it significantly safer. Bollards in your parking lot, for example, keep buildings, parked vehicles and pedestrians safe from accidents that cause costly damages. Heavy duty posts like these also secure your facility from high-speed accidents and ram-raiding, which could otherwise pose a serious threat. Even simple light-duty fixed parking bollards, designed to provide a visual deterrent, are instrumental in preventing accidents.

Multipurpose Posts

TrafficGuard, Inc bollards and barriers do more than protect your building. For example, walkways and other areas can be fitted with traffic control barriers to protect people walking to and from your institution. Collapsible anti-ram raid bollards placed throughout the property allow authorized vehicles like armored trucks in and out of restricted areas, locking in place to prevent unauthorized entry. Our variety of removable posts also allows you to vary the amount of vehicular access to your property, enabling you to remove and store posts in a secure location when they are not needed.

Complete Control

Our collapsible and removable anti-ram raid bollards are designed to be simple to use, making it easier for you to manage your property’s security. While they provide heavy duty protection sufficient for virtually any financial institution, once installed, they are easy to manipulate, remove or lock in place. Our anti-ram bollards are designed to resist weather conditions like ice and dirt buildup, ensuring optimal protection year-round. By using TrafficGuard, Inc traffic control posts, you protect yourself from the dangers that may otherwise befall a financial institution.

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