Where to Purchase Parking Bollards

Parking lots should deploy vehicle protection devices to not only prevent damage to vehicles, but also to keep pedestrians safe from injury and buildings from exterior damage. You may be curious about how to go about purchasing bollards for your private residential or public parking lot, but at TrafficGuard, you can find many different types of safety bollards to complement your entire security system.

Find the Right Ones for Your Lot

There are many bollards that are useful for parking lots, such as fixed bollards for the perimeter and collapsible posts for individual parking spaces. Permanently fixed posts are either surface mounted or embedded in concrete, standing firmly against high-speed vehicle crashes. They can keep vehicles from driving onto parking lot walkways and keep vehicles from entering improperly or without authorization. Collapsible vehicle protection devices work best for private parking spaces, with personalized locks allowing the spaces’ owners to access them whenever needed, easily lowering and raising the posts. They are also good for placement at parking lot entrances and exits, lowered during open hours and raised upright when the lot is closed off. Collapsible posts are also available with different locking mechanisms, depending on their application.

Look at Your Options

When you shop for bollards online, you can get an extensive look at the different types of safety bollards and determine which ones are ideal for your parking lot. While searching for the right vehicle protection devices, you should be able to find a location that truly helps you find what you’re looking for. TrafficGuard has a buyers’ guide to help bollard shoppers find what works best for their property, detailing colors, shapes, sizes and materials. You’ll be able to find the bollards you want, along with any accessories that suit your security needs.   TrafficGaurd-BlogCTA-BuyersGuide
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