Helix Lock Removable Bollards (4536HL), (US Patent 8,297,873)

Helix Lock Removable Bollards (4536HL), (US Patent 8,297,873)

Diameter 4.5" OD
Bollard Height 36"
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Patented Removable Bollard Locking Technology

[US PATENT 8,297,873]

  • ***New Patented locking system provides for a bollard with a hidden locking system & clean look
  • Physical barrier that minimizes vehicular damage when struck
  • Durable & light-weight HDPE (high-density polyethylene) bollard post
  • Shatter resistant – will not shatter like PVC
  • Heavy duty galvanized ground sleeve and filler piece
  • Flush surface when post removed
  • 4.5″ standard diameter provides a strong visual deterrent
  • High visibility safety yellow color
  • Internal locking sleeve (also HDPE) adds additional strength
  • Post has .391″ minimum wall thickness
  • 36″ post height above finish grade
  • Post has 4.5″ outside diameter
  • Galvanized ground sleeve has .3125″ wall thickness

Prices include delivery to any location in the contiguous U.S.