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TrafficGuard, Inc is a leading anti-ram and security bollard manufacturer and supplier for a variety of industries, and since 1999, we’ve been the leader in the manually operated bollard industry in the USA. All TrafficGuard, Inc products are made from steel, and feature heavy-duty construction. TrafficGuard, Inc secures facilities, property, and people from unwanted vehicle intrusion by implementing removable, collapsible, or permanent bollards. Our products can be used to limit access on emergency access roads, secure access points at facilities, and in many other applications.

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TrafficGuard, Inc Bollards can be used a variety of different locations and industries, including:

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Airport Bollards
ASTM F3016 Crash Tested Bollard Purchase Checklist
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Bike Path Bollards
Cemetery Bollards
Corporate Bollards
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Financial Institutions
Golf Course Bollards
Government Buildings
Marina Bollards
Pedestrian Bridges
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Ram Raiding Bollards
Residential Areas
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School Bollards
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Traffic & Security Post Product Options

We are committed to offering our customers the highest quality bollards we can. We manufacture and supply a variety of different models of bollards, including collapsible posts, fixed (embedded or surface mounted), parking bollards (collapsible or removable), and removable bollards (locking or non-locking). No matter what level of security your application or location calls for, you’ll be able to find the bollard solution that is most ideal. TrafficGuard, Inc is proud to offer solutions for businesses and landowners who need additional security for their space. With options ranging from low-impact bollards used primarily for visual deterrence to heavy-duty, anti-ram security bollards, this selection suits an array of different locations and applications. Contact us today for more information or to learn more about our inventory of safety and security bollards.