Marina Bollards

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You can effectively protect your marina property using a security system that includes heavy duty and light duty traffic control bollards. Because of the potential danger posed by large bodies of water, the security of sturdy, fixed bollards are critical to keeping the marina safe—bollards like these can prevent cars from accidentally driving or drifting into the water. Other applications may include restricting marine access to privately-owned boats with limited-access collapsible bollards, and securing parking lots and buildings with a variety of access control bollards.

Prevent Damages to Property and Vehicles

Protection of vehicles on land is as important as the security of boats in the water. Fixed access control bollards, for example, can be set up in parking lots and on edges of the shore, where vehicles run a risk of falling into the water. Facilities can also be fitted with numerous anti-ram fixtures to keep pedestrians safe and entrances to rental offices secure.

Increase Security for Boat Owners

Boats, docks and other property can be given additional security with traffic control posts. Collapsible access control marina bollards can be locked and unlocked easily with personally selected padlocks to keep unwanted vehicles out of private pathways that lead to docking locations. This can also prevent vehicles from drifting or driving off the dock into the water. Bollards are visual deterrents that remain inconspicuous to the casual observer, never detracting from the appealing marina scenery. Reflective tape also allows for visibility at night.

Avoid Unauthorized Vehicle Entry

Pathways or entrances only meant for staff—or entrances to the marina property in general—can be blocked with either removable or collapsible posts. Vandalism, theft and other criminal activity can be avoided with this type of security, and each anti-ram bollard can be quickly locked and unlocked for simple access control. All marine bollards and barriers are easily accessed with your own locking systems, giving you the ultimate control over who has access to which areas of the marina. Property and people both benefit from quality security and safety when you choose TrafficGuard, Inc traffic control devices. 

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