Stadium Bollards

TrafficGuard, Inc Round Post Key Lock - Removable security bollards Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ TrafficGuard, Inc Round Post Key Lock - Removable traffic bollards Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ

The security system for any stadium should provide lasting protection for both the structure itself and anyone on the grounds. Perimeter and parking lot traffic control stadium barriers can help prevent the types of accidents that can potentially cause devastating damage to property and injury to patrons or employees. TrafficGuard, Inc traffic control bollard posts combine effective visual deterrence with lasting durability, creating an unmistakable but unobtrusive presence.

Secure Parking Lots

Fixed or removable parking lot bollards can be set up around the perimeter of your parking lot and along walkways to protect stadium entrances and walls from vehicle damage. They can be lined up around doors in a strategic pattern to visually warn approaching vehicles, and are constructed to withstand serious collisions. Once locked into place, removable traffic control stadium barriers can prevent catastrophic accidents, and are optimal for securing parking lots when there are no vacancies. Using either a padlock of your choice or an internal locking mechanism, they are easily unlocked, permitting access for vehicles in specified areas once they are removed and stored. Using different kinds of traffic control posts can allow for different configurations, each with its own accessibility limits and borders.

Block Entry and Exit Points

To maximize safety measures and enhance building security, fixed bollards are available to block off facility entrances and exits from traffic, preventing ramming and vehicular trespassing while the grounds are closed. Stadium walls can also be protected by traffic control bollards installed around the immediate perimeter of the building, securing walkways and other vulnerable points from mild to severe vehicle damage. Collapsible and removable traffic control posts allow areas with varying accessibility to be secured or opened depending on the occasion.

Solid Protection for Any Location

Stadiums of all sizes and locations can benefit from the installation of traffic control posts on the premises. When you work with TrafficGuard, you benefit from heavy duty steel that complies with the Buy American Act (41 U.S.C 8302-8305) and provides suitable security for protection where you need it most.