Why Choose Locking Bollards?

Locking Bollards from TrafficGuard If you want to add bollards to your arsenal of security measures, you’ve probably already learned that there are a variety of different types available. For instance, for temporary bollards, you can choose either collapsible, non-locking, or locking options. While collapsible and non-locking bollards have their places, locking bollards may be the most versatile choice. Why should you choose locking parking posts for your security needs?

Different Types of Locking Bollards

Locking bollards are some of the strongest options available when it comes to restricting vehicle access. These bollards are constructed from stainless steel so they provide heavy duty protection, and because the options allow for maximum customization, you’ll be able to find something that suits your exact needs. For example, if you purchase locking bollards from TrafficGuard Direct, you’ll have the choice between:
  • Round post key locks
  • Round post locks
  • Round post top locks
  • Round post top lock high security
  • Helix lock
  • Helix lock stainless steel
  Helix lock and round post key lock both provide limited access and high security, with locking mechanism that is completely inside the bollard and has a key-restricted locking mechanism. Other models offer you the option to choose your own padlock system, making your security system fully customizable.

External Vs. Internal Locks

External locks are highly customizable, but internal locking mechanisms offer a high level of security without a visible lock. Depending on the level of access you anticipate needing for your locking bollards, you may have an easy choice. For instance, if you presume you’ll need to move the bollards once a month, externally locking bollards may be ideal since unlocking and removing won’t be too hard a task. If you suspect you will only need to move them in an emergency or very rarely, internally locking bollards are the choice to go with.

Smooth Ground Finish

When you need to remove your bollard, you’ll be able to cover up the opening with either a lidded ground sleeve or a filler piece, so the space will remain safe despite the bollard being taken out.  This ensures that not only will your space be secure when the bollard is there, but once it is removed, pedestrians will be safe from falling or tripping over where it was.

Varying Strengths Available

Adding to the versatility that locking bollards offer, there are multiple sizes offered, and depending on your required level of security, one may be the better choice. At TrafficGuard, our locking bollards are offered in models ranging from 30 to 70 pounds each, from 3.5” to 6.625” in diameter. Locking bollards, despite being removable options, are designed to provide average-to-high levels of security. They lock in place securely for lasting protection against unauthorized vehicles. When you’re narrowing down your options for bollard security, consider using locking parking posts. They provide a reliable and convenient level of security for virtually any application.   TrafficGaurd-BlogCTA-Quote
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