What are Collapsible Barriers?

For strong physical protection of property, vehicles and pedestrians, many traffic control devices are available to install around public locations. One type of security post that allows for both heavy duty protection and high accessibility is the collapsible barrier. There are many applications for the collapsible traffic bollard that make it ideal for areas requiring both light and heavy duty security measures.

Flexible Security

Like fixed bollards, collapsible barriers are mounted permanently in place. Although they cannot be removed entirely like removable posts, they are lowered by unlocking a personal padlock or other system. Most of these traffic control devices lower a full 180 degrees, accommodating for vehicles traveling in opposite directions. They don’t take long to collapse, giving emergency personnel immediate access to an area if necessary. When standing upright and locked, collapsible bollards provide heavy duty protection against vehicle damage. However, when collapsed, they provide enough space to allow most vehicles to easily drive over them. Some models even split down the center into two collapsed posts, further increasing vehicle clearance.

For Use in Many Locations

Whether you want light or heavy security, collapsible barriers work well if you want to allow quick and convenient access control to a location. They’re excellent for guarding individual parking spaces, allowing the owner of the space to quickly unlock and lower it. Another useful application is to block vehicle entry from walkway entrances and exits while allowing staff or emergency vehicles to get through in a hurry. Private boat docks can also effectively utilize collapsible barriers to keep unauthorized vehicles out. Collapsible bollards work with many other combinations of traffic control devices, accompanying fixed and removable options to strengthen a facility’s external security systems.   TrafficGaurd-BlogCTA-BuyersGuide
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