Why Should You Use Fixed Bollards?

While the application of collapsible and removable bollards may be ideal for areas with frequently changing accessibility, fixed bollards are also necessary in many areas where heavy duty security is needed around the clock. Locations that benefit most from fixed posts usually experience heavy pedestrian activity. Concrete-embedded and surface mounted bollards stand up against low and high speed crashes in many different locations.

Parking Lots and Storefronts

Two locations that are heavily populated by pedestrians on a regular basis are parking lots and storefronts. Shoppers regularly walk from their cars to stores and vice versa, making it extremely important to keep them safe from accidents. Fixed bollards are often the best options, permanently installed in strategic positions to visually warn traffic away while holding up physically in accidents. Bollards at storefronts also protect buildings from potentially devastating accident damage.


Warehouse loading docks and doors are vulnerable to damage when truck drivers back up into them. Fixed bollards keep trucks at a safe distance, protecting the building and workers on the other side of the posts. Bollards are also useful in protecting equipment and pedestrians inside the warehouse, lined up to prevent forklifts and other heavy machinery from dangerously close contact.

Other Applications

Fixed bollards are used for many other applications requiring permanent safety measures, including cemeteries, bike paths, marinas, parks, residential areas, schools and universities. Pedestrians should feel safe wherever they go. Fixed posts effectively protect people and property while taking nothing away from a location’s atmosphere. Business owners can also feel at ease knowing that their building is protected along with their customers.   TrafficGaurd-BlogCTA-Quote
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