Use of Collapsible Bollards in National Wildlife Trails

How are bollards used in the design of our national wildlife trails and what are their various uses? Conservation efforts in many regions of the count...

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What Applications are Low-Speed Bollard Posts Used for?

Heavy-duty traffic posts are used for high-speed traffic, providing durable physical protection for many different types of locations. However, for ar...

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What the New ASTM Low-Speed Impact Testing Standard Means for Storefront Security

Storefronts are often vulnerable to dangerous high-speed and low-speed accidents, resulting in massive amounts of damage along with occasional injurie...

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Using Perimeter Security Solutions for Asset Protection

Many public locations are vulnerable to traffic accidents if their perimeters aren't protected, with possible damage to property, or injury to custome...

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Using Warehouse Safety Barriers to Protect Equipment and Workers

One effective way to keep equipment and workers safe from vehicle damage is to install warehouse safety barriers that regulate vehicle traffic. Both i...

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Protect Fire Hydrants with Traffic Posts

One of the most important elements to consider for traffic bollard protection is fire safety. Traffic posts should allow easy entry for fire emergency...

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Using Collapsible Traffic Barriers for Temporary Vehicle Access

Some areas require permanent protection from potential vehicle crashes, while others will often allow for various types of vehicles to access them. Th...

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Where to Install Traffic Control Posts in Parking Lots

Keeping a parking lot safe for pedestrians and vehicles is as important as protecting an actual facility. There are many different types of parking ba...

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Top Factors That Influence Bollard Installation

Traffic bollards are important for a wide variety of applications, from protecting pedestrians and property to redirecting traffic away from restricte...

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How Traffic Bollard Posts Help with Employee Safety

Along with the protection of property and visitors, traffic bollards can also keep employees safe, making them more comfortable in otherwise hazardous...

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How Bollard Contribute to Accident Prevention

Many invest in bollards for their business or residential property to prevent unwanted visitors. However, barricade posts have an even more important ...

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Bollards for Creating Social Spaces

Whether by car, public transit, bike, or on foot, the average city block is filled with people trying to get where they're going. This process of ...

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How Guard Posts Contribute to Bicyclist Safety

In cities across America, citizens rely on bicycles to get around. It's no wonder—bikes are significantly less expensive than cars, making them a high...

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Do You Need a Decorative Bollard?

Some bollard posts are purely functional. They need to be highly visible and deter traffic. Others are placed at residences and public places that mai...

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Placement Considerations for Bollard Posts

Bollard posts play an integral role in helping to protect people and property, such as storefronts and drive-up ATMs, from damage. Placement of the bo...

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Using Bollards as a Terrorism Deterrent

Bollard posts are traditionally used to help protect areas from inadvertent crashes. Now, Britain is installing bollards to protect Windsor Castle fro...

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Answering your Bollard Post Concerns

There have been several reported cases in which citizens raised concerns about the use of bollard posts in public places. From restricting wheelchair ...

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Storefront Safety Bollards in Use

Bollards are used in so many different areas that most people probably don’t notice them as anything more than storefront decorations. Target uses the...

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Utilizing Bollards at Airports for Increased Security

With so many people flying on a daily basis, protective measures are important in the air transportation industry. Extensive security measures, such a...

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How the National Park Service Uses Bollards

The National Park Service (NPS) is responsible for maintaining national park areas as well as protecting national historic sites in Washington, D.C., ...

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