Corporate Bollards

TrafficGuard, Inc Round Post Lock - Anti-ram bollards LL Bean, Freeport, Maine TrafficGuard, Inc Round Post Lock - Anti-ram fixtures LL Bean, Freeport, Maine TrafficGuard, Inc Single Post - Collapsible bollards Loading dock access TrafficGuard, Inc Single Post - Hinged bollards Parking lot division TrafficGuard, Inc Single Post, 30 - Removable bollard Illinois TrafficGuard, Inc Round Post Lock - Traffic bollard The Pier at Caesars, Atlantic City, New Jersey

Protecting your business property is critical to maintaining a safe working environment, and installing anti-ram fixtures and traffic bollards can give you the security you need. Fixed, collapsible and removable bollards can all be installed on your business’s property, preventing unauthorized vehicles from entering restricted areas. By restricting and preventing vehicular access to certain areas, these yellow parking posts give you a high level of security even when the property is unattended. Our various business protection bollards are designed to give you the exact combination of strength and convenience that your facility needs.

Unrivaled Protection

When you install traffic bollards around your corporate property, it gives your business, your clients and your employees a newfound sense of security. Available in varying sizes and strengths, TrafficGuard, Inc bollards and barriers are all made of the same heavy duty steel that’s Buy American Act (41 U.S.C 8302-8305) compliant, and are well-suited for securing corporate properties of various types. The vibrant yellow finish of our business protection bollards creates a powerful visual deterrent while protecting your property from intentional and accidental vehicle collisions.

Structural Security

Whatever your security needs, our variety of anti-ram fixtures have you covered. Collapsible bollards, for example, can be installed at restricted access points like secure parking lots, allowing employees or security personnel to raise and lower them for approved access. Anti-ram fixtures that are permanently installed in front of office entrances and warehouse doors prevent accidental damage and willful intrusion by eliminating the threat of ram-raiding and collision. Removable bollards are also useful for areas where the level of accessibility changes frequently, like parking lots that expand.

No Detraction from Environment

High security measures needn’t come at the cost of outside aesthetics. Our Anti-ram fixtures and high security posts are designed to effectively ward off unauthorized vehicles without appearing too conspicuous, allowing you to place them in an organized and minimalist arrangement.