Bollards Can Prevent Disaster

As this video shows, store entrances are often a weak point and very easy for a vehicle to intentionally or unintentionally penetrate.  Bollard safety is a good solution to prevent something like this from occurring.  Bollards allow access by pedestrians, but can physically stop vehicle from entering a store and seriously injuring patrons.   Crash prevention protective bollards can also help protect business owners from liability and litigation that could result from such an incident.   If the store front is of the kind that will need occasional vehicle access (like a car dealership), removable bollards can be used to protect patrons when in place and allow vehicles to move through when needed. Vehicle barriers are also ideal to prevent crime.  As shown in this video, it is quite simple for a thief to drive a vehicle through a storefront or other entry point such as a garage door, load the vehicle full of merchandise and get away quickly.  Business owners can take removable posts out during business hours and put them back in place at the end of business.
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Bollard Applications
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