Traffic Bollards for Drive-thrus

Many locations are designed for vehicles to travel quickly in and out, providing convenience for drivers who need a service or product without leaving their cars. Banks, restaurants, car washes and other drive-thru locations should utilize traffic bollards for property protection. Bollards effectively direct traffic through a drive-thru, creating a steady flow of traffic and eliminating confusion among customers.

Bollards for Banks and ATMs

Many banks allow drivers to visit a teller through the convenience of a drive-thru on the side of the building. Fixed bollards situated around the service area can protect the money-transferring pneumatic tubes from vehicle damage, as well as the teller stations. Bollards can manage ATM traffic by separating lanes between tubes along with adjacent drive-thru ATMs. Some banks have multiple drive-thru ATMs next to each other, and fixed bollards can stand beside them to indicate the appropriate distance for drivers to reach.

Restaurant Drive-thru Protection

Many fast-food locations make use of drive-thru windows, with full menus on display behind them. Because it isn’t always easy for drivers to see where to turn and stop along the side of the building, standing safety bollards help guide drivers around curbs in the drive thru lane. Bollards situated by the windows themselves let drivers know how close they should drive beside the windows, preventing damage to customer vehicles as well as the areas surrounding the windows.

Car Wash Guidance

Much like restaurant drive-thrus, automatic car washes often have lines leading up to the car wash itself, with menus and payment machines located before the wash entrance. Fixed bollards prevent cars from driving too close to the machines and they also help properly line them up with the entrance. Bollards are also useful for car washes with attendants, helping them to line up your car without the reduced risk of damaging your vehicle. Business owners with drive-thru locations should prepare for possible vehicle damage, ensuring secure property protection and smooth operations.   TrafficGaurd-BlogCTA-BuyersGuide
Bollard Applications
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