Why are Bollards Important for Schools?

Schools experience particularly heavy pedestrian activity, with many students and faculty members walking from one campus building to another on a regular basis. Combinations of fixed, collapsible and removable bollards provide people and school property with the necessary protection. Schools often have frequently changing security levels, which is why different types of bollards work for multiple configurations.

Ideal for Changing Security

Special events take place at educational facilities frequently, including school-related activities such as homecoming dances, sporting events and graduation ceremonies. The large number of visitors to these special events require protection from accidents and injuries, which is why certain locations such as pathways from parking lots to buildings need school traffic safety bollards like temporary removable bollards in place to block off traffic. If parking lots are full, property managers can simply place removable bollards in pre-installed ground sleeves to block them off to other vehicles. For employee parking spaces, collapsible bollards provide easy access for faculty with the use of personalized padlocks, quickly raising and lowering them.

Nighttime Security

When a school is closed for the evening, it’s important to make sure that break-ins don’t occur. Fixed and collapsible bollards can stand at night to provide heavy-duty physical protection around entrances and exits of buildings and parking lots. Having concrete bollards for schools can prevent vehicle ram raiding crime. Having a system of bollards protecting school property eliminates the costs of severe damage to buildings and other vehicles. There are many applications for bollards at schools, comforting students and staff with optimal physical security measures. Reliable security posts provide the protection that both children and adults should expect from school property owners.  TrafficGaurd-BlogCTA-Quote
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