When Do You Need Parking Bollards?

Parking bollards may be easy to overlook, but if you don't install them where you need them, it can be a costly mistake. By strategically installing parking bollards in the places you need them the most, you can significantly improve your security and minimize the impact of accidents in your parking lot. Do you know which places need parking barriers the most?

Handicapped Parking Spaces

Every parking lot has to be handicap-accessible, and that includes special parking spaces reserved for handicapped individuals. These critical parking spaces may be vulnerable to misuse, but with the right parking barriers in place, you can ensure that they remain in good condition. For example, place parking bollards near the perimeter of a handicapped parking space to prevent other vehicles from parking too close—they should be far away enough to allow accessibility ramps without being far enough for another vehicle to squeeze in. You can also fortify a handicapped parking sign with a parking bollard to ensure that it stays up, even if it is hit by a vehicle.

Reserved Parking Spaces

Removable parking bollards are perfect for protecting reserved parking spaces. Designed to provide a visual deterrent more than collision protection, removable parking bollards are lightweight and easy to move. This allows you to remove it and store it either in your vehicle or nearby, then replace it in the ground after you leave, preventing others from taking your space.

Restricted and Expanding Parking Areas

Removable parking bollards are ideal for restricted and expanding parking areas that don't always require accessibility. Parking lots that expand to accommodate larger-than-average crowds for event parking or holiday travel, for example, can be sectioned off using parking bollards that are removed only when additional space is necessary. Similarly, they can section off restricted areas where only certain vehicles are allowed access. By protecting your parking area with the right types of bollards, you can make it both safer and easier to maintain.   TrafficGaurd-BlogCTA-BuyersGuide
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