What Can Bollards Do for Road Construction?

Outdoor road construction often presents many hazards for workers, putting them at risk of accidents when traffic isn’t blocked off from the work area. Having temporary removable bollards set up around the work areas where many vehicles are present can protect roadside workers. Roadside bollards provide visual deterrence for vehicles while offering physical protection as well, helping keep workers safer on the job.

Using Bollards to Block Off Roadways

Heavily used roads often require maintenance, which involves many workers who have to carefully pave the road. Road workers may take days to work on a single project, potentially exposing them to the dangers of traffic for extended periods of time. Workers can place portable roadside construction bollards on the roads as they work, redirecting traffic in order to promote a safer workspace. Workers should address side roads as much as major highways, making sure all work areas are as isolated as possible from unauthorized vehicles. Once a work day is finished, employees should be able to simply remove the bollards, storing them elsewhere so traffic jams don’t develop around the area. Even in the early stages of many road construction projects, vehicles can usually drive on streets that have recently undergone repaving.

Take Advantage of Other Types of Bollards

Portable traffic posts might be ideal for construction on longer stretches of road such as freeways, but taking advantage of removable and collapsible posts on streets can also improve safety and security measures for everyone working. Certain streets have areas where removable bollards can be set up, with sleeves in the ground that are covered when the bollards are absent. Along with portable posts, removable construction bollards are ideal for areas that require quick set-up and take-down when road construction moves along. Many areas may also use collapsible bollards for easy maneuverability. Construction workers can section off areas with these if they happen to work in an area containing them. There are many applications for various types of traffic bollards in construction, helping to ensure the well-being of roadside workers.   TrafficGaurd-BlogCTA-BuyersGuide

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