5 Main Uses for Removable Bollards

Similar to collapsible bollards, removable posts allow for changes to an area’s accessibility while providing sufficient physical security. Whether they’re used in the city or a suburban location, there are many uses for removable bollards as effective safety measures.

Pedestrian Areas

Some locations are only intended for pedestrian access, particularly shopping areas. Combinations of guardrails, fences and removable bollards are commonly used to protect civilians from vehicles, and effectively mark off roadways that temporarily permit only pedestrian traffic.

Harbors, Docks and Marinas

Removable bollards don’t protect only vehicles and people. Another use for them is in the protection of docks, ports and harbors. Removable bollards placed at the entrances to these locations prevent unauthorized vehicles from entering, while allowing boat owners to easily access the area when they are open.

Parking Space Security

Many residents and business managers with personal parking spaces may find their spaces taken by unauthorized vehicles. Removable bollards help prevent this problem when installed in spaces. Owners can simply set up the bollard when leaving the space, and store it nearby or in their vehicle when parking.

External Security

Storefronts, warehouse entrances and parking lots require security measures to keep people and vehicles safe from injury and damages. Removable posts are ideal for areas where access levels change frequently, such as warehouses that need to allow truck entry at specific times. Nearby storage racks can hold several posts until they’re needed again, eliminating clearance requirements at the installation site.

Internal Security

Inside warehouses, stores and other businesses, property owners can install removable posts to help reinforce doors in the event of ram-raiding incidents, and they can also temporarily block indoor vehicles such as forklifts from accessing certain areas. There are many purposes for removable, fixed and collapsible bollards, and each works effectively when used in the right locations, helping to prevent both damage to property and injury to pedestrians.   TrafficGaurd-BlogCTA-BuyersGuide
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