Bollard Protection for Residential Areas

Residential areas require more protection for pedestrians and other vehicles than buildings, which is why it’s important to have a network of bollards installed to prevent accidents and injuries. Fixed, collapsible and removable bollards provide residents and their vehicles with the protection they need, giving them comfort in the knowledge that they’re safe where they live.

Strategic Placement

Because residential areas are designed with a comfortable atmosphere in mind, bollards shouldn’t be visually intrusive to the feel of a place. Residents and visitors can receive the right protection with strategically installed collapsible or removable bollards located at private pathway entrances and exits, or private parking spaces. Fixed bollards can keep vehicles in residential parking lots from parking dangerously close to other vehicles or buildings. Collapsible bollards allow for personalized access to private areas with a simple locking mechanism, using a custom padlock to collapse the post or stand it upright. They are ideal for private parking spaces that only residents can access, preventing unwanted visitors from taking them. Removable bollards are also useful for resident parking spaces, with a storage rack nearby for convenience. Although residential parking bollards provide visual deterrence for drivers, they can remain unobtrusive while effectively securing residential areas. Locations with high pedestrian traffic require immediate attention to their safety, and with a security system involving traffic posts, residents can experience the comfort that a safe living environment provides. Heavy-duty and lightweight options help keep residential areas safe without compromising the location’s overall aesthetic and accessibility.   TrafficGaurd-BlogCTA-BuyersGuide
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Bollard Applications
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