Low Maintenance Bollards

Currently one of the most effective ways to secure facilities and protect property and people is with removable or collapsible bollards. Bollards that can be found from a company such as TrafficGuard are not only effective in stopping unwanted vehicle access, they are also low maintenance compared with their more expensive and involved counter parts. These bollards are manually operated and as a result do not have the problems or maintenance issues that electric or pneumatic bollards have. Automatic bollards have issues that can often be costly from both a financial standpoint and a time standpoint. This is particularly true in areas where salt and sand are used on roads to minimize ice in the winter. These substances can get in the bollard mechanism and cause various maintenance issues. Further, automatic bollards require a much more sophisticated installation that is both time consuming and very costly. Manually operated removable bollards provide cost savings during both a relatively simple and routine installation and throughout the life of the product as most ongoing use requires minimal maintenance. The TrafficGuard High Security Round Post Top Lock bollard is a great example of a bollard that is both highly secure and low maintenance.   TrafficGaurd-BlogCTA-Quote
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