Using Security Bollards Indoors

Though you may think of security bollards as strictly for protecting outdoor areas like parking lots, marinas and restricted roadways, they have a number of valuable indoor applications as well. Particularly useful in large, open environments like warehouses and industrial facilities, indoor bollards can make your workplace safer for your employees while minimizing the risk of damage to your inventory and equipment.

Delineating Indoor Traffic Patterns

Warehouses and industrial facilities frequently use automated machines and manned vehicles like forklifts, which can pose a threat to anyone who doesn't know where to expect them. Industrial bollards are useful as visual deterrents that delineate traffic patterns, so your employees know which areas to avoid and which ones to be particularly cautious in.

Preventing Vehicle Accidents

Indoor vehicles like forklifts are powerful machines, and even a small slip-up can escalate into a catastrophic accident. If a vehicle like this veers off course and strikes a machine, a wall or a shelf stacked high with inventory, it can do major damage and even set off a devastating chain reaction. By bordering high-risk areas with security bollards, you can prevent the massive amounts of damage that an errant indoor vehicle is capable of causing.

Loading Docks

Loading docks can be highly vulnerable both inside and out, but the right bollards make them considerably safer. Removable bollards, for example, can prevent unauthorized loading and unloading by securing the area when it isn't in use. You can also place security bollards outside the loading dock to prevent trucks in reverse from getting to close or colliding with your building.

Building Supports and Power Supplies

Security bollards are also useful for protecting building support columns and indoor power supplies from damage. Surrounding critical structural supports with bollards prevents accidental collisions from indoor vehicles, and around power supplies, they create an unmistakable visual deterrent to employees. Using removable bollards in these applications ensures that you can access the power supply or utility center by vehicle—if you need to unload heavy equipment near the area, for example, you can easily access it on a limited basis. Using security bollards indoors isn't just for industrial facilities, either. Check back to learn more about indoor applications for removable bollards and more.   TrafficGaurd-BlogCTA-BuyersGuide
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