Control Large Crowds with a Variety of Bollards

People aren’t always composed when gathered together, and large gatherings may allow for accidents to take place. It’s important to know how to keep special events in order so that pedestrians and drivers stay safe when entering and leaving the location. Bollard combinations involving removable, collapsible and fixed parking bollards provide protection for vehicles and people during the times when it’s needed most.

Regulate Traffic Flow

Before and during a special event, event coordinators and those in charge of the location should figure out parking lot configurations as well as the arrangement of roads to get to the location. Removable bollards are ideal for areas that don’t require permanent safety. Ground sleeves allow for different configurations, and provide durable protection for areas where they aren’t always required. They visually deter traffic while physically protecting pedestrians from accidents.

Block Restricted Access Areas

People involved in the planning of large events should make sure all areas with restricted access are sectioned off from heavy traffic. Collapsible bollards allow authorized vehicles to gain access to special back entrances for events like concerts and conventions. They are easily lowered and raised, and when raised they provide effective physical and visual protection. They’re permanently placed in the ground but are ideal for locations that require quick changes to security levels.

Secure Parking Lots

Fixed posts help to keep areas safe from destruction caused by traffic. Cars that park too far in individual spaces pose a risk for pedestrians, particularly if they’re adjacent to walkways. Buildings often utilize fixed parking bollards for perimeter protection, preventing vehicles from ramming into the walls or entrances of a structure and potentially causing serious harm to people entering or leaving. When large crowds gather for special events, there should never be room for lack of security that threatens the wellbeing of attendees. Removable, fixed and collapsible bollards accompany many other security measures in order to preserve their safety.   TrafficGaurd-BlogCTA-Quote
Bollard Applications
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