7 Low-Speed Zones that Need Traffic Bollard Protection

While areas with traditionally slow traffic speeds may not initially seem like prime candidates for traffic bollard protection, they can actually be some of the most vulnerable to catastrophic accidents. A single driver who is careless or loses control of his low-speed vehicle, however momentarily, can cause significant, costly and even deadly damage in a low-speed zone. Here are some of the areas like these that need traffic bollard protection the most.


Banks with drive-up ATMS and drive-thru teller service need strong security bollards to prevent not just accidents, but attempted thefts. While an accident can cause significant damage to an ATM or the system that transports canisters from the drive-up window to the teller inside, a ram-raiding attack can result in even more serious losses. Placing strong security bollards around a drive-up ATM prevents thieves from ramming it and stealing the money inside.

Toll Booths

Toll booths along the highway need extreme protection from heavy duty traffic bollards to keep the people inside them safe. Though speed limits drop in toll areas, careless drivers or those who lose control of their vehicles may present serious threats to toll booth workers. By protecting your toll booths with traffic bollards, you ensure the safety of the otherwise-vulnerable workers inside. Parking lot pay stations and guard booths may need similar protection, as well.

Gas Pumps

Vehicles typically move slowly in a gas station parking lot, but an unexpected collision could cause a fire or even an explosion. Protecting your gas pumps with security bollards can prevent deadly accidents.

Parallel Parking Spaces

Delineating parallel parking spaces with parking bollards makes them easier and safer for drivers to use. By placing parking bollards between spaces, you can prevent drivers from dinging parked cars and from parking each other in, ensuring safer and more efficient street parking.


Cars navigating a fast food restaurant's drive-thru lane can easily get too close to the building or the speaker if they aren't careful. A few strategically-placed security bollards can ensure that your building and equipment don't suffer damage from low-speed vehicles navigating the drive-thru. Of course, these aren't the only types of low-speed zones that benefit from traffic bollard protection. Check back for information about other areas that frequently need the enhanced security only heavy duty bollards can provide.

Schools or Universities

With so many people entering and leaving the areas in and around schools, they are some of the highest-traffic areas in many towns. Almost every day, parents are dropping and picking up their kids during the busy morning and afternoon hours, and one distracted driver can cause a very serious accident that could even be catastrophic. Universities often encounter the same traffic situation. Students are constantly driving to and from class, often on one-way streets or in low speed zones. If they are inattentive while driving or become involved in an accident, they could also cause serious damage. By installing security posts near these educational sites, pedestrians and other drivers can be protected. Many school and university owners install bollards in parking lots to designate spaces and to direct traffic flow. Security bollards can also be installed around the site perimeters or in areas that are more susceptible to low-speed collisions.  

Parks and Playgrounds

Similar to schools, parks and playgrounds are highly popular areas that families frequent. Even though the speed of traffic in parks and playgrounds may be low, a driver could accidentally swerve or lose control of his or her vehicle and drive into an area that is populated with young children. To protect them, many cities install bollards around the perimeter of the area to enhance the security of the area. Permanent bollards effectively control the flow of traffic around these spots and create a high-security system that can thwart both low and high-speed crashes. Many city owners even install removable or collapsible bollards around playground and park areas to allow site access as needed for special events that only require temporary protection, such as festivals or other gatherings. The site owners can also install these bollards in park and playground parking lots for added traffic flow regulation.  TrafficGaurd-BlogCTA-Quote
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