Bollards Ideal for Storefront Protection

Anti-ram posts are becoming increasingly important to protect store fronts and pedestrians from accidents occurring due to driver error. Fixed and removable bollards with close spacing are ideal to protect entrances to many types of buildings to both prevent unwanted vehicle traffic and to allow pedestrians in and out.  Accidents like this one at a Publix supermarket are increasingly common and very much avoidable through the use of bollards. Many store fronts are not able to withstand the impact of a vehicle.  The crashed cause thousands of dollars in damages and worse can cause severe injury to innocent people.  Relative to the damage, and liability risk removable bollards are a relatively inexpensive solution to create a vehicle barrier at various facilities.  Anti-ram posts and bollards are ideal to protect supermarket entrances, bank entrances, outdoor seating areas and playgrounds amongst many other facilities.  TrafficGaurd-BlogCTA-BuyersGuide
Bollard Applications
When to Install Permanent or Temporary Traffic Bar...

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