When To Use A Traffic Control Bollard Outside Your Home

Why you need traffic-controlling bollards outside your home. You’ve seen bollards outside public places, on roads and in front of businesses, but what about traffic-controlling bollards outside your home? If you’re in a high traffic area that could use extra safety measures, home security bollards could help ensure your house is protected from accidents and intruders.

Why Install Bollards Near Your Home

Although it is not common, sometimes cars and other outside dangers crash into homes. Whether it’s during a case of drunk driving or just reckless driving, your house could be hit by an outside force. If your home is in an especially high-traffic and dangerous area, you may need the added level of protection that bollards provide. Although not primarily used to protect homes, bollards work just as well as in high-traffic areas as residential ones. With their high levels of durability that can protect from intrusions of cars, trucks and more, bollards can prevent cars from colliding with your home or from entering your driveway. Even if you live in a less-traveled area, a bollard for your home could provide you with protection from accidents and intrusions.

Where to Install Your Bollards to Control Traffic

If your home is near public property or sidewalk, do not install the bollard there. Instead, place the bollard on the area of your own private property that you would like to be blocked from traffic or other dangers. If you think your bollard may be in an unapproved area, consult your city council to find out which areas are OK to place your bollards and barriers. Wherever you install your traffic-control bollards, make sure they are not obstructing walkways or other common public areas.

Other Things to Consider

You can always add final touches to the bollards that control the traffic outside your home as you see fit. For example, you could add reflective stickers to any bollards and barriers outside your home. That way, even during the dark hours of the night, your protective bollard can be visible and provide notice to those driving. Would you consider installing any type of bollard or barrier outside your home? What type of bollard would you consider? Let us know on our Facebook or Twitter pages.   TrafficGaurd-BlogCTA-BuyersGuide
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