How To Control Traffic With Bollards

Bollards are designed to prevent vehicular access that can result in crashes. More than anything, though, bollards manage traffic patterns to prevent these accidents from occurring. Many areas can benefit from the installation of security bollards, especially those that invite high levels of vehicular and foot traffic. See how you can use barriers to control the movement of cars and ultimately keep those on your property safe.

Bike Lanes

With more people choosing to ride bicycles, both for transportation and recreation, bike lanes are more essential than ever. Without proper indication as to where these lanes begin and end, inattentive drivers may accidentally swerve into a bicyclist. To manage traffic near your bike lanes and to prevent catastrophic crashes, you can install fixed or removable vehicle barriers. Fixed security bollards are ideal if you want the bike lanes to have unmovable protection for years to come. If you want restriction to bike lanes only at certain times, removable bollards offer the same security with increased flexibility. prevent vehicular crashes with-bollards


Malls often have incredibly high levels of traffic, especially during the holiday season when more shoppers are out. To keep the traffic levels in check at your mall, you can install fixed bollards in your parking lot. Because malls are also incredibly valuable with thousands of dollars of merchandise on display, some people may attempt to ram raid your property. To prevent this traffic, you can use bollards to create a barrier from vehicular accidents, both accidental and intentional.

Sports Fields

Being in such a vulnerable, open area populated by so many people, sports fields need increased protection from outside traffic. Security posts around the playing area can protect players and spectators alike. You can also install fixed bollards near other vulnerable points with high foot traffic, like walkways and concession stands, for increased safeguarding.


Universities constantly have people coming and going both in and around campuses. The parking lots of universities can be especially dangerous without some kind of system in place to control traffic. To keep everyone in your parking lot safe, you can have fixed security bollards installed to indicate which areas are available for parking and which areas are restricted. Bollards also help keep students on campus safe from outside traffic.   TrafficGaurd-BlogCTA-Quote
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