6 Bollard Applications for Government Buildings & Properties

Government buildings and sites, such as courthouses, libraries, toll booths and more, require high levels of protection, and barrier posts like bollards can help provide the needed solution. Follow our guide as we discuss six common government sites that can benefit from the protection of high-strength security bollards.


General government buildings, like legislative buildings or police stations, are at high risk to crashes if left unprotected. If these areas became damaged, the cost repairs would need to be financed through taxpayer money. To assist in keeping these buildings and those who are visiting or working inside them safe, government officials can have protective bollards installed around the perimeter of these facilities.


Courthouses are buildings that require high levels of security, both inside and out. If accidental or ram raiding activity were to occur, the safety of those in and around the courthouse could be greatly in danger. Protective bollards can be installed around the perimeter of the building, as well as near sidewalks or parking lots, to help prevent any kind of threatening ram raiding activity.

Fire and Emergency Access Lane

When fires or other emergencies occur, response teams need full access to the site. During times when emergencies are present, teams shouldn’t need to be worried about any unwanted traffic blocking their way. If emergency access lanes are not accessible for fire trucks or emergency response teams, the results could be catastrophic. To ensure teams can reach sites as needed, security bollards can be utilized. Emergency team members can place collapsible bollards around sites they need to access to ensure no unauthorized vehicle blocks the area. Removable bollards can also be an ideal solution for fire and emergency access lanes.


People are constantly entering and exiting library facilities. The possibility of a car crash near a library could be dangerous and even deadly. Libraries can also have very hectic parking lots where accidents could occur. Since both of these areas require protection from traffic, site owners can have bollard posts installed around the perimeter of the library, as well as in the parking lot, for exceptional security.

Toll Booths

Toll booths are in a highly susceptible areas to car impacts. Although drivers are instructed to slow down as they approach the booths, they may be inattentive or have vehicle trouble. If cars crash into booths, those operating them as well as the driver could be gravely injured. To help keep the area around toll booths protected, security bollards can be installed. Fixed bollards would be most ideal in this situation, as they help provide permanent, long-lasting protection, but removable or collapsible could work as well for more temporary protection.


Public elementary, middle and high schools are some of the most busy government sites. Almost daily, children and teenagers, as well as parents and faculty are coming and going from these areas. To help reduce the likelihood of accidental or intentional car crashes, protective bollards can be installed around drop-off areas, parking lots, playgrounds, sports fields and much more to ensure unwanted traffic cannot enter into particularly sectioned off areas. For additional information on security bollards for government buildings and other industry applications, contact a TrafficGuard representative today. You may also check out our Facebook for additional news on barrier posts.  TrafficGaurd-BlogCTA-Quote
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