What to Consider When Purchasing a Bollard

Throughout your lifetime, you’ve probably seen many type of bollards. No matter their appearance, bollards are easily identifiable, but which ones are best suited for you? From permanent to removable to collapsible, there are many different types of bollards on the market from which you can choose. Here are some questions you can ask yourself as you consider which bollard may be right for your needs: When purchasing bollards, consider where you will use it and for how long.

What is your primary reason for purchasing the bollard?

As you decide which bollard would best suit your needs, you should consider what your main purpose of this bollard will be. Do you want to control traffic in busy areas? Are you looking to prevent your storefront from being vulnerable to ram-raiding and vandalism? Is this bollard going to be coated with reflective strips and used a warning device? Before you can decide which materials or features your bollard should have, you can consider these questions.  

How long will you be using it?

Bollards can be used for both short and long-term situations. If you are using the bollard for only a short period of time, a removable or collapsible bollard with an easy installation and removal process may be your best bet. If you plan on keeping the bollard for a long period of time, a permanent bollard could suit your needs better.  

Where will you be using this bollard?

This question may already be answered as you try to figure out how long you will be using the bollard. If you plan to use the bollard for an extended period of time on a high-traffic road, you could want to use a permanent bollard. If you’re using a bollard near a place like a temporary construction zone, you may want a removable bollard.  

What features matter most to you?

You could ask yourself many other questions when purchasing a bollard. Are you looking for a skinny and unobtrusive bollard, or are you in need of a thicker, stronger barrier? Do you want the bollard to have a bright, reflective coating, or would you rather have an uncoated stainless steel bollard? These are some of the questions you could ask yourself as you consider which bollard would be the best fit for you.   TrafficGaurd-BlogCTA-BuyersGuide
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